Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday's Fave Five #262


Hi everyone.  It's the last Friday before Christmas and even though it's soooo busy, that is the perfect time to take a moment to take notice of the good blessings brought out way, things we might miss in the hectic Christmas rush.  Please join in as we find our five favorites.  

1.  The room with only the Christmas tree lights on.  So relaxing and so pretty.  The perfect way to just let the stress of the day melt away.

2.   Our ladies bible study Christmas evening.  So fun to just have an evening of chatter and laughter and gift exchange.  The goodies everyone brings always add to the evening.  We like our goodies.  ;)

3. Simple goodies that are put together quickly.  One of my favorite things for a finger food buffet is so simple yet so delicious.  A block of room temperature cream cheese on a pretty plate with red chili pepper jelly spooned over the top and puddling along the sides.  A little bit of a kick, lots of creaminess. Serve with a variety of crackers.  Yum.  And no stress!

4.  My hubby who is out shoveling snow early in the morning so that the driveway and steps are clear for the dayhome families arriving.  He is such a blessing to doing this for me.  Although I don't mind shovelling snow, doing it before it's even light out is not my idea of fun.  But he's out there every snow fall clearing it away.

5.  Big fluffy falling snow. We had yet another snow fall but this time it was the very pretty huge fluffy flake version.  So pretty.  And may I say the easy kind to shovel.

What were your favorites this week?


Gattina said...

I too love to sit in our living room, when only the Christmas tree is lighted and little other lamps. It looks so cozy and gives a Christmas mood !We have no snow to shuffle! it's rather warm for the season 8°C

Willow said...

This year we don't have a tree but I love sitting in a room with only candles lit. So peaceful.

Simple snack foods are the best! My fave is hummus with chips, crackers or veggies. Simple, easy, delicious and healthy.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Faith said...

I love sitting in our living room with just the tree and candles in the windows. Soooo relaxing! Yay for yummy simple treats and ladies nite! and husbands who shovel the white stuff. Have a very merry Christmas Susanne and see you next week!!

Barbara H. said...

I love the room with just the Christmas lights on, too. So cozy.

No snow here yet, which I have been glad of since it shuts everything down when it comes here since we don't have the equipment to deal with it (doesn't make sense in the city budget since we get it so infrequently), but it would be nice to have some around Christmas! I've only had a white Christmas once in my life.

The fellowship sounds fun! And I dearly love simple goodies, especially this time of year.

Kudos to your hubby for shoveling the snow for you!

Melissa R said...

Cream cheese with pepper jelly sounds like a great simple snack! I'll have to remember that for the next potluck.

And yes, I'm also thankful for a husband and son who shovel snow!

nikkipolani said...

Yes, so busy, but totally worth doing five faves :-) Thanks for continuing to host these, Susanne -- 262 of them!

Hurray for no-stress goodies. Glad you had a wonderful evening with your Bible study friends. And for that faithful husband who makes sure your entry is snow-free.

Jerralea said...

You have to love a hubby that will shovel snow!

Big fluffy snowflakes are my favorite kind, too.

Your appetizer sounds delish - and easy!

ellen b. said...

Our surprise snow this morning is rain already and won't last long.
Sounds like you are enjoying the wonderful things that Christmas brings!

Cindy said...

Yes, one of my favourits is sitting by the tree. Hubby's are great to have around especially the show moving type. The appetizers sound yummy, great gospel meetups are always glorious

Snowbird said...

Snow eh??? it is soooo pretty but a pain to clear! Good old hubby! I like the sound of that chilli jelly....mmmmmmm xxx

Deb said...

I love a room with just the Christmas lights on...that is our livingroom right now. I am a new follower of both of your blogs...a reader and a writer. I enjoyed this post and your lovely blogs. Looking forward to more of your posts and reviews!