Thursday, March 22, 2007

Standing with bowl in hand

Is anyone else out there having trouble with staying on people's sites? The past couple days have been an exercise in sheer frustration as I get on your sites, read about a paragraph or two and then your site disappears and I get a very boring page come up giving me a list of supposed related sites (NOT!) because supposedly "the web address I typed did not resolve correctly". Whaaaat? And this is happening to everybody's sites, not just one or two.

Now if you know me at all, you know that on the day that the Spring Reading Thing comes out I need my computer working. This just cannot be happening. How am I ever going to get through your lists of wonderful treasures. You'll know that this is driving me buggy!

And what else would be driving me nuts is how come I can type this post and not have it flip to that little irritating page? How come I can publish it and have it work? How come I can go to other sites that aren't blogs and not have messages flashing at me? What's happening? It sorta feels like going to someone's house for coffee only to be let in to the entry for a minute but then ushered back out before I can take my coat off. Sigh. I feel like poor, little Oliver Twist, in fear and trepidation walking up to the school master with his little bowl in his hands and in a meek little voice saying: "Please, sir, I want some more, sir."

If something doesn't change in the next half hour or so, I'll have to resort to actually going and cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast, or making the beds, or heavens to murgatroid, doing some laundry. Please, for all that is good and right in my world, someone tell me what's going on and how to fix it!


Sarah said...

Lol my blog trouble is usually I get to comment and then the visual verification letters have disappeared! and I usually don't realise it until after I've written a War and Peace length comment! LOL. Hope your blogging woes cease. Hugs.

Jan B said...

Have you tried rebooting (hard reboot, shut down and then shut off power for a few minutes and then turn it back on) and maybe trying a different browser? I use both Explorer and Firefox and going between the two helps me determine if the problem is on my end or the connection. You might run a virus scan to, just to be sure. Some viruses will hijack your browser. Explorer is more vulnerable to this than Mozilla Firefox.

Barb said...

Good grief, Susanne. I've never even heard of this. I have no idea what's going on when you're on a site and it just goes away and is replaced by something else. I can see where you'd be pulling your hair out.

And may I just say, I haven't heard that expression is years. Heavens to murgatroid!

If it's only happening on blogger sites, maybe you could contact their help line?

Jan's suggestions are good ones. I'd do a hard reboot AND switch your browser to Firefox.

Shalee said...

I think it's just you dear because I'm not having a problem.

Doesn't that just make you feel all better now?

{Karla} said...

i haven't had any problems with visiting others blogs. my problems are all pertaining to my own computer.

not sure what to tell you... but I bet MINE won't do that to you when you visit ;)


gail said...

I haven't encountered that, hope you are over the problems and surfing away to your heart's content!

Beck said...

Hm. I haven't been having any problems. As Jan suggested, I might try restarting my computer. And the virus thing.

Jen said...

How frustating!!! No I havent had that problem
hope it comes right soon

Linda said...

Boy am I the wrong person to try to give computer advice. My method - when all else fails - is a good thump on the side of the computer. It doesn't work but it lets out a bit of the pent up frustration. I hope it's all better by now.
I know I shouldn't laugh - but this was really a cute post.

Tammy said...

That is very strange!
I've not had that happen but I have had what sarah in the first comment described...which was so frustrating, too!

Anyway, I hope it doesn't last for you!
(BTW, after you replied to my last post, I realized I hadn't exactly ended it and have since went back to end it properly...I had gotten distracted by a little ear infection girl wanting me to hurry and that that movie...LOL)

Now, I'm going back to look over your reading list again...I hope to post mine tomorrow!

Everyday Mommy said...

That sounds a lot like a spambot or spyware has slipped in. There must be some sort of program running on your PC that's doing that. You'll need to run an anti-virus software and see what you've got.